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"Forum by Exam Papers" is an e-platform that is designed specifically for school to get help and to help their fellow mates with all the academic questions they may have.

It is completely free and is accessible by both, mobile and computer.

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How to ask a question in Forum by Exam Papers?

This is the most simplest steps you would have followed to get help for your academics. It is simple as that!

How to use Forum by Exam Papers How to ask a question on Forum by Exam papers ↗

  1. Visit Forum by Exam Papers

    Head over to either on your mobile or computer.

  2. Ask Your Question

    Once you're on the Forum, you would see an "Ask a Question" button. Click on that.

  3. Fill in Your Question

    Once you clicked the "Ask a question" button a popup would have appeared. Fill the input boxes, feel free to upload any pictures that could help speed the answering process.

  4. Publish Your Question

    Once you have completed the previous step, all you have to do is click on the "Publish your question" button and that is it. And after sometime a user will answer your question, till then you could try refreshing your mind by answering a few other questions.